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About Me


My love of art started when I was a child, my father was very good at drawing, and I can remember sitting watching him create his art and being so captivated. He would often help with projects and school art.

I had always focused on art subjects at school but as time went on normal family life takes over. 

It wasn't till later in life I took up art again, starting with pastels. It brought back my love for art, but it wasn't really until I started painting with Acrylics that I took on my art seriously.

Living near the water I have a smorgasbord of interesting subjects, wildlife, nature and marine structures to paint.  My little way of recording those things I see constantly changing and disappearing for more modern structures. Travelling around this wonderful country of ours and finding those funny quirky places and odd typical Aussie touches they grab me and make me paint them. 

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